Monday, April 02, 2007

Not Much Knitting

Not much knitting occurred this weekend. On Friday, DBF and I tried out the new dinner theater in town. The food was way overpriced and so were the drinks. During the movie, people were continuously talking too, so that was rather distracting. We probably won't be going back there, but at least we can say that we tried it. We saw Meet the Robinsons which was pretty cute.

On Saturday, I went running/waddling again. I managed to do the whole lap this time of run 2 minutes, walk 2 minutes, so I was proud of myself for doing that. It actually seemed to help my legs become slightly less sore by going out and doing that, so I was happy for that. In the evening, we went to the dollar, oh sorry, 1.50 movie to see Arthur and the Invisibles. It was another cute movie. I'm glad we waited until the dollar movie though.

Sunday morning I did a little knitting before church, then went to an absolutely packed church service. Thankfully we got there early enough to get a parking spot. The only bad thing was that DBF's car started doing weird things. It felt to him like the transmission was going out. Hopefully it's just something simple and not a huge major repair or anything. I guess we'll find out. We watched the Amazing Race last night and I was happy to see the Guidos go. Just something about them irks me to no end. Now I would really like Myrna and Charla to go next. They bug me more than any other team on there.

Anyways, that was the weekend. Pictures tomorrow of the scarf which is almost done.

Knit on...

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