Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Weekend In Pictures

I am much more rested today than I was yesterday morning. Of course going to bed at 7:30 usually helps. I haven't gotten my winning slide scanned in yet, but I should have that by this afternoon and I'll post it then. But now, I present the weekend in pictures taken with my point and shoot digital camera. Better pictures tomorrow from the SLR. The first thing we noticed when we got up to the park was that there was a pretty big forest fire. It smelled pretty bad and turns out it was even worse in the morning. It made for some interesting pictures though.
Don't worry, it turned out to be a controlled burn. They didn't check with the state park before doing it, so we had to deal with the smoke all weekend while taking pictures. On the bright side, it gave some things that eerie look.
The sky on Friday, aside from the smoke, was gorgeous. So much so, that DBF took some pictures of it that turned out very good.
The next stop was Gatliff Bridge. This bridge is constantly being photographed. I liked the close up version best:
Next stop was with cows. We saw this little farm along the way and they were posing for us.
Then we drove out to Natural Arch. It was a pretty cool rock formation, but the light was already too bright to get any good shots of it.
After the arch, we went on a very long drive. We were in search of yellow lady slippers, and DBF's mom had received a tip on where they were. Turns out it was a tip that may have applied last year, but not this year. The major freeze that we had probably wiped them all out. Oh well. After we turned in our film, DBF and I went hiking in search of fiddlehead ferns. We found some:
We also saw a lot of wooly worms.

There's the weekend in a nutshell. I'll have some more pictures tomorrow, but they'll be better ones. Hope I didn't crash too many computers with that post.

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CraftyGirl83 said...

My mom calls those caterpillars. When I was little I used to put them in my pockets and be totally shocked when they'd come out dead, LOL. Your pics look good- can't wait to see your winning one!