Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wednesday Report

How's that for a post title? Nothing really exciting happened yesterday aside from SnB at lunch with Kim and a few others. I almost finished the k2p2 ribbing on the cuff of the second purple sock while there, but I didn't do any more knitting last night. Instead, I cooked dinner and then met my friend Laura at the bookstore. I ended up buying a new journal there, but that was about the most exciting thing aside from the fat free, sugar free vanilla steamer at Starbucks afterwards.

I saw the scale move in the right direction today. I really do think I am the only person who can actually gain weight on weight watchers! I was doing everything right, counting points, activity, getting in my veggies, and I was gaining weight! After my doctor inspected me upon my completion of the flu medicine, I gave her my food journal and asked her what in the name of heaven was I doing wrong. She looked at the journal for a minute and said, "You're eating too many calories".

"Huh? I'm a good weight watcher though!"

"Yeah, but you're eating all these meat substitutes that have similar calories to meat, but they have a ton of fiber, so they register as 1 point where they should be 3 to 4 if they were real meat."

"Ah, so how many calories does it look like I'm eating?"

"About 3000 a day..."

::Jaw drops:: "Um, what should I do?"

"Count calories." ::hands me giant packet of information on how to do that and figure out how much to eat.


So, that is what I have been doing the past two weeks or so now. I had shot back up to 234ish, but this morning I was at 230ish, so it's moving in the right direction. Plus I'm sure the added running is helping a lot too. Speaking of that, I'll be running tonight, but it's a lot colder. Blah.

Knit on...

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