Monday, April 09, 2007

Uh, yeah, what's knitting?

OK, so I lied on Friday when I promised that I would have actual knitting pictures on here today. I didn't knit a single stitch all weekend. Friday after work, DBF and I had dinner and just sacked out for the rest of the evening. Saturday, I attempted to go running in the morning, but it was so cold that it was hurting to breathe, so I decided very strongly against finishing the whole lap. After I got home and warmed up some, DBF and I went to my family's Easter gathering. There was lots of good food, some I could eat, some I couldn't, but it was the one thing I wouldn't have given a second thought to that got me.

Stuffing...I ate one of my granny's stuffing balls and within 10 minutes of eating it, I felt that familiar twinge that something just isn't right. A few minutes later, I was getting sick in the bathroom and it then dawned on me...I wonder what had chicken, eggs, or pork in it? I immediately thought of the stuffing since everything else I ate was pretty much just macaroni and cheese and green beans. So I asked my grandma what was in it and she said Stovetop stuffing. I asked her what flavor. Chicken she said, and the realization hit her as soon as she said it. She realized why I was asking and apologized for not telling me before I ate it. I told her it wasn't her fault and that I should have asked, but I was OK now.

Anyways, the rest of Saturday, DBF and I napped and took stomach medicine. Doesn't that sound thrilling?

Sunday was Easter and we went to church which was rediculously packed for once. We both tried to concentrate during the sermon, but there was this one kid who's parents were letting him run up and down the aisle, swing from the guard rail, and disturb all the people around him. He even had a DS game system in church! My parents taught me early on that there are places I must behave like an adult and places I could act like a kid. Church was always one of those adult places and if I was really fidgety, I would get the offering envelope and a pencil and draw until I had covered it up. I know I don't have kids, but you can teach a kid to behave in certain situations. Threatening them with death works I've been told :oP

That was my weekend in a nutshell. Hope everyone had a good Easter weekend. I'll try to knit some here soon.

Knit on...

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