Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Already Bored?

Yeah, the forty inches of stockinette has already gotten boring to me. I did knit on it some last night and I'll knit on it this afternoon at SnB. I may even see if any of the SnBers want to get out tonight so that I can force myself to knit some more on it. I'm about 8-9 inches along now, but the thing photographs horribly, so I'll try to get a good picture whenever it stops raining here and I can get outside to shoot it.

In the meantime, you all get a running story. To make it slightly less boring, here's a cartoon:

Yesterday before lunch, Rebecca let me know that she couldn't make it for running last night, so I decided that I would go ahead and run at lunch so that I could have the evening off and go play poker since DBF was going to be there again (I like that he's on first shift, but I'm sure he's not liking the time shift for his sleeping pattern) and I needed something to take my mind off the miles of stockinette. I decided that I would see how far I could go before I had to stop and walk. I almost made it a full lap and I ran 20 minutes. A full lap is two miles, so I was pretty happy to be in the around 10ish miles per hour. I sat down in my car after stretching and when I got back to work, I didn't want to get up. My legs were screaming at me for running that far.

They're still screaming at me today. I'll be doing the time intervals with Rebecca on Thursday. Hopefully I can handle running 4 minutes and walking for 2.

The Yarn Harlot is coming into town on the 21. It figures that the weekend she comes in would be the weekend that I will be out of town, running through the woods, taking pictures of whatever is left after that dumb freeze came through. Oh well. I'm thinking about sending something with someone anyways, but not sure yet. I got to see her briefly last year before having to pick up my grandmother. I even made it on her blog! Still, I'd like to see her, but seeing as I've already paid for this photography weekend, have a cabin reserved and such, I think I'll go there :oP

Knit on...

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CraftyGirl83 said...

You will definitely be missed next weekend. I hate I don't get to see you, but it's not like this is the last time I'll ever be in town. ;) BTW thanks for the blog comments- it makes me feel happy to know that at least one person is reading. :)