Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Knitting Magic Girl, the Dumbass

OK, I feel stupid. Remember how I complained about running out of yarn? If I had read the pattern all the way through, I would have figured out why I was running out of yarn...The instructions said to cast on double stranded, but nothing about knitting the whole scarf double stranded. So, I should have cast on double, knit with one strand, and then bound off double. Dumbass...Anyways, I finished the Fiddlehead scarf last night, double stranded, so it's not as wide as the pattern calls for, but it is thicker and works more as a scarf than a decorative thing. First, the pre-blocked scarf:
Gotta love lacy things. You have such faith that they will look better after you block them! Next, the scarf in blocking mode:
Would anyone like to buy me some blocking wires? This would have been the perfect project in which to use them.I really do love this pattern. Sure, the wrapped stitches got annoying sometimes, but they really made for a neat texture and I would do it all again to achieve the same results. Well, maybe I would have knit it like the pattern so it would be wider...

Finally, the finished scarf in all its glory!

Again, see why I needed blocking wires? That was not supposed to be a wonky edge like that. Of course I'm pretty new to the whole blocking thing anyways, so I'm sure that with more practice, I'll get better.

The other thing you will notice about these pictures is that I went from wearing a t-shirt to a full blown cushy sweater. Yeah, we had big storms go through last night, so we have gone from high 70's to low 80s to 45 today. Blah. I know it's not like it snowed or something, but that was a pretty stark contrast in weather. On the bright side, I got to knit while watching the severe weather come on the TV all freaking night. I was going to run with Rebecca last night too, but when I heard the first warning come out for the city next to us, I knew I had about 15 minutes to get home, so I called her and bailed even though I was already there at the arboretum. I ended up passing her on the way home since she was heading home herself. At least I walked at lunch yesterday.

Oh, and I also cast on the second sock out of that purple merino. It's about time I suppose. I guess I just keep putting off that giant duster sweater...I'll start that as soon as the sock is done...

Knit on...

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asterpurl said...

It looks cool- and either way, single or double-stranded, you are done done done and can move along! :-) Hope you have a great Easter!