Friday, April 06, 2007

A Little Bit of Running, Not Much Knitting

Yeah, so yesterday after work, I ran home and cooked dinner, stuffed my face with garlic rice noodles, hominy, and asparagus (yes, Mom, I am going to turn into an asparagus based on how much I have been eating here recently), then crashed in front of the TV for a little bit. Yes, I could have been knitting, but instead, I pet Spooky and watched the news. I read a little bit about using an exercise ball for a chair at work since I just picked up one on sale the other night and blew it up this morning at work. Yeah, I'm sitting on it, but I keep feeling like I am going to fall off (coordination is not my middle name) and my stomach is tired now, but that's supposed to be the whole point. I'll have to build up tolerance to sitting on it all day. On the bright side, my posture is about perfect on this thing.

After crashing for a little bit, I drove over to the arboretum to meet Rebecca for a run. It was cold as ice outside last night. I wore sweatpants, a sweatshirt, ear muffs, and gloves. Rebecca hadn't been out in it during the day, so she didn't come as prepared. I'm sure Bob is still trying to thaw her out from the run. We did it though. We ran for three minutes then walked for two minutes. We're trying to increase the running time each week until we're running for the full lap. We'll get there (a lap by the way is 2 miles). We found a road race yesterday that we may enter too if our schedules are free. It's on April 28. Three weeks away for a 5k. I know we won't be able to run the whole thing by then, but we may be able to run half of it at least. According to our training schedule, we'll be up to running 6 minutes then walking for 2, so that could get us pretty far. We'll see.

I know you all are tired of hearing about my running schedule. I'm just excited to see the scale moving towards the direction I want to see finally. I swear I'll have some knitting to show you all on Monday. In the meantime, have a good weekend and knit something or go running. Hopefully it's not frigid where you are.

Knit on...

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