Monday, April 30, 2007

The Weekend...Pictures Tomorrow

Sorry that there will not be any pictures today. I have a ton on my camera, but they are still on my camera right now because I was too lazy and sleepy last night to download them. We'll start with Friday...

Friday I took a half day at work and went to the last day at Keeneland. Once again, I didn't win a single bet, but after three consecutive trips there without cashing in a ticket, I'm getting used to it...DBF did pretty good and came out ahead, so that was good. After Keeneland, DBF and I went back to work to pick up Kathy. DBF won tickets to go see the Lippezaner Stallions for Friday night for four people, so we took Kathy with us. We all enjoyed seeing the horses, and I think we were all glad that it was free. After the show, we crashed.

Saturday, DBF and I ran in the 5k. I ran the whole way. DBF walked/ran the whole thing, but I was running slow enough that he didn't get behind on the walking parts :oP I finished my first 5k in 45 minutes which is pretty darned slow, but I figure that I can only get better from there :oP The rest of the day, DBF and I just sacked out. I did break down and get a new pair of running shoes though. The cheapy Walmart shoes I had been running in were killing my toes and feet in general, so I broke down and got a good pair at the local running shop.

Sunday, DBF and I went to see a production of The Music Man that one of his cousins was playing in. His cousin was a salesman, but not Harold Hill. We went to church, had lunch, went to the play, then got home about 9 last night. I did knit while in the car, so I'm hoping that I can finish a pair of socks tonight and have another finished object to show you all tomorrow.

There was my weekend in a nutshell. Plenty of pictures tomorrow, I promise.

Knit on...

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