Monday, February 11, 2008

Bring It, or not...

Hey, you! Yeah, you big old icy winter storm that's got my city in your sights? Yeah, I want to have a word with you for a minute.

Last time they actually predicted ice accumulation of 1/10 to 1/4 of an inch, we lost power for 9 days straight. Look, I know that I have said I like snow, and I do, but ice is a different matter entirely. Snow is pretty. Ice, while it can be pretty, leaves a train-wreck behind once it melts.

While I'm all for staying inside, I'm supposed to be at work tomorrow. The last time you came through, I was still in school and just looking for an excuse not to go to class. This time, unless hell freezes over, which it might judging by the temperatures, I have to actually be at work. I'm pretty sure the university actually has a hell-freezing-over clause in there somewhere, but that seems to be the only way we get out of coming into work. You're supposed to hit during the morning commute too, so see, you have really bad timing. If you don't mind, come on through earlier so that I don't have to drive in that mess.

Oh, and this time? I have candles, batteries, lanterns, and what not ready for you. You've got us all on our toes. Even Bill Meck's blog is down because there's too much traffic on it. Bring it on, winter storm, and for pity's sake give us a decent snow and if the roads are dangerous, then let the university cancel for once...


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