Friday, February 01, 2008

No Knitting

Yep, I was lazy last night and didn't knit at all. Instead, I took Erica to the store and showed her how to do some shopping while on Weight Watchers. Turns out she was having some issues with not eating vegetables and following the good health guidelines, so she didn't lose any weight so far. I know that was rather frustrating for her, especially since I'm down 3 pounds now.

So, we picked up some frozen vegetables, canned vegetables, some frozen foods, and a ton of junk food for her super bowl party on Sunday (also her birthday party since that's on Monday. By the time we got back to the store, we had enough time to eat and then I had to head on home for the night.

I really like the new medicine I'm on since it is actually allowing me to lose some weight and feel better, but the constant peeing is getting on my nerves now. Last night, I had to get up every two hours. At least I fell asleep again pretty fast. Anyways, there's my random Friday rant :oP

Knitting will be done this weekend, I promise. No clue what it will be though. I do see another calorimetry in my future though.

Knit on...

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