Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Lack of Knitting

Yesterday I had every intention of knitting. It was lunch SnB day and I didn't have any plans in the evening, so I was planning on at least one repeat of the Monkey sock and a couple of rounds at least of Donegal. Nope, didn't happen. Why?Behold, the sexiness that is my bruised, battered, and swollen leg! My leg is lumpy because of the swelling, and this picture doesn't quite do it justice since the WHOLE lower leg is nice and purply as of this point. What happened? K-Lair happened. I went to grab some mini corn dogs for lunch and as I was walking out, hit the solid sheet of ice that had taken over the top step of the place and proceeded to fall down the rest of the steps and land on my left leg. I wasn't in much of a knitting mood after the fall and was just trying to get through the rest of the day without whimpering that my leg was swelling and I wanted to go home and sit under the electric blanket. I'm super-sore this morning, but quite thankful that nothing is broken that I'm aware of and that my knee didn't get as much damage as I thought I had originally done to it.

But, the story also presents a perfect example of why someone should be allowed to slap college students and remind them of common courtesy. The guy behind me witnessed me fall and curse (I've developed quite a knack for getting out a long string of obscenities every time I fall) and came down the stairs and asked if I was OK. I said, no, I'm not OK. I hurt my knee pretty bad. This is the kicker though: he kept on walking! Ack! I would rather that he not of asked me if I were OK than to ask it rhetorically and keep on walking after I said that I am not OK. Common sense people! Don't ask if you really don't care what the answer is!

So, I bought some consolation yarn at ReBelle when Kim picked me up. I'm going to make eyeglass cases for my glasses and my sunglasses out of this.It's the A-Maizing yarn that's made out of corn fiber. I decided to give it a shot. I really like the texture of this yarn. If I were ever really ambitious and really rich, I could see a pretty summer top being made out of this stuff. In the meantime though, I'll stick with the eyeglass cases.

Maybe by tomorrow I'll have some actual knitting or crocheting progress to show you instead of swollen and purple legs.

Knit on...

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