Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hey, Look, There's a Picture!

The camera is charged and the lights are on, so without any further blabbering in case the computer crashes, here's the baby blanket so far:The angle of the picture is a little deceptive. The thing is almost 3/4 done now and I'm really hoping to be done with it by this weekend so I can go back to my regular scheduled Donegal knitting. I also worked on the sock a little yesterday while at Lunch SnB with Kim.

Insert picture here when blogger isn't messing up...

Yeah, so good thing I uploaded the baby blanket picture because now blogger won't let me put the sock picture on here! No sock picture for you at least until I reload blogger and try again...weird.

Anyways, tonight I'm going to go see Hal Sparks perform at the comedy club in town and I'm dragging Erica and possibly her roommate with me. This way, I can get at least one of them to take a picture of me and Hal together if he doesn't remember the petting issue the last time DF and I saw him.

Knit on...

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