Friday, February 15, 2008

It's Friday?

Yep, it's Friday. All three of my calendars say that it is, so I guess I should believe them. I just can't believe that it's already Friday. Seems like this week has just flown by, compared to last week which felt like it would never end. I'll start off today by saying that DF is a good guy. Not only did we get to talk on the phone yesterday, but when I went over to his mom's house to drive his car around for a little bit (Anyone want to buy a 96 blazer?) she had a box of chocolates and a stuffed super-soft dog sitting there waiting for me from him. He had asked her to hook me up with some Valentine's Day goodies since it was easier than trying to mail something and hope it got there. I need a name for the dog too. It's white, fluffy ears, with a red collar that says I love you on it.

Anyways, I accidentally left my purse out in the car last night, so the camera battery is dead this morning. The easyshare battery is running low constantly now too, but I'm sure leaving it outside was a pretty dumb thing to do. Anyways, that's my excuse as to why you get no new pictures today :oP I will try my best to have decent pictures on Monday.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. I intend to sit down and knit for the majority of my weekend. I feel like I didn't get in as much knitting time as I normally do. Probably was in my pissy/feeling sorry for myself/whiny mood, so didn't feel like doing anything except reading one of the 200 Dragonlance novels.

Knit on...

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Janis said...

I'm glad DF set up something with his mom for you. That was really nice of him. :)

It was nice to see you at SnB the other night, even if you forgot one of the yarns for Donegal.