Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Am Easily Entertained

I can wear these again:Yesterday I went to the eye doctor to see about getting contacts again. I knew the technology had gotten better since the last time I wore contacts, so I was hoping that they might be able to get me into a disposable contact. I have really sucky eyesight with an astigmatism to boot, so the last time that I was in contacts, I had to wear toric lenses and they cost a buttload of money. Then I started developing calcium deposits on the contacts just to add insult to injury and instead of using a product called lid scrubbers on my eyelids, I decided to go back into glasses about 6 years ago. I always wanted to go back to contacts though.

So yesterday, I was given a trial pair of disposable contacts made for astigmatism. They're working OK right now. I'm still trying to get used to them again. I need to adjust to the focal aspects of the contacts again, but that should happen within a day or two. But mostly, I'm just happy to be out of glasses, have peripheral vision, and be able to wear sunglasses again that aren't clip-ons or script.

Knit on...

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robiewankenobie said...

let me know how it goes...i'm really craving contacts.