Friday, April 04, 2008

And There Was Knitting

Thursdays are notoriously bad knitting nights for me since I go hang out with Erica, who while she tried to learn to knit, it never stuck. But last night I did actually get in a little bit of stitching while we watched some Battlestar Galactica reruns. I started the Branching Out scarf from Knitty and got three repeats done:Sorry for the horrible picture. It's raining and I'm listening to the water drip into the bucket just outside my cubicle, so good pictures are not high on my list of priorities right now. Here's a shot of the yarn I'm using:It's Classic Elite Alpaca Sox that was given to me by DKSWife on Ravelry for the 500 contest from the Christian Knitters group. Since it was feltable, I knew I didn't want to use it for socks, but the yarn was just too soft and dreamy not to use it for something. When I saw the KAL for April was going to be Branching Out, I thought that this would be a good use of the alpaca. The yarn really is a dream to work with too.

I probably would have never gone out and knit this pattern had it not been a KAL. I personally don't like lacy scarves that much, but I figure if nothing else, this will make a good Christmas present for someone. Might as well get some stuff done early this year (remind me of this when it's 2 weeks before Christmas and I'm trying to finish 5 sweaters or something).

This weekend, I'll be going to see the Yarn Harlot over at JoBeth. I'm looking forward to it since I've never actually heard her give her talk and have only been able to say hello to her for a very brief moment that involved me holding the traveling sock. Anyways, should be a fun weekend. I need to get some raffle tickets too for a very awesome basket of goodies that Jessi, ReBelle, and Magpie Yarn all put together. The proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders and the basket will be raffled on Saturday at the Harlot event. Tickets are just a buck, or 6 for 5 dollars. You can pick them up at ReBelle or Magpie, or just see Jessi the day of the event, which is what I'm doing since I had to wait until I got paid today to spend any money!

Knit on...

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