Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Chugging Along

The Marissa sweater is just chugging right along. It's at 13 inches now, so just about time to do some armhole decreases. It's not the most photogenic piece this morning since I brought it to work to photograph under the flourescent lights and it really doesn't like those. See?It's looking nice, if not a little too big, but still nice. I'd rather have it be loose than too tight as of this point. Hopefully at lunch SnB, I'll be able to get some work done one it and start decreases for the arms.

Last night, I went and rescued Erica from her study friends. She was getting frustrated with them and they looked like they would never leave, so I went over there after work and soon after, the study people left. I didn't realize I have that effect on people when I want to, but hey, it seems like that could be a decent skill to have on some days :oP

On a personal note, I'm frustrated. I got the B vitamin thing all settled down now, but my weight jumped back up to where it was before I started being back on WW. The good news is that I look thinner because of all the exercise, but the weight issue is really starting to wear on me. I decided this morning that I'll try switching to the Core plan to see if that will maybe jump start things. It just gets rather frustrating when you're trying to be good and lose weight, but no matter what you do, no matter how well you stick to the program and exercise, the weight just keeps staring back at you every week when you weigh. Anyways, there's my personal rant for the day. Hopefully Core will give this weight loss a kick in the arse.

Knit on...


robyn said...

The sweater looks great!! I totally forgot about lunchtime knitting today; I need more time to work on the evil bacon.

nipper said...

Kudos on the sweater - the only sweater I've ever finished was Share Ross' Deacon from Punk Knits.
I totally understand about the weight buisness. I just find it near impossible to exercise with the CFS crapola! I hear ya!