Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spindles Need Weight

Yesterday at lunch, I was helping Kathy out with her spinning since I'm definitely back in the spinning groove after the Fiber Event. Kathy was having a hard time with her spindling, and once I tried it, I was having a hell of a time too. Then we compared weights on the spindles we were using. Hers was way too light and wouldn't spin longer than about 3 turns before it would just be hanging there. I gave her my spindle to try out and she immediately got the hang of it. Today at lunch, I'm taking her to ReBelle to look at their spindles and to see if she likes the Ashford or the ones they carry better.

Last night at SnB, I worked on the secret project again. I'm pretty close to finishing it now, so hopefully it will be done tonight. I still can't show any pictures of it until the event starts, so sorry for the pictureless post today. Hopefully tomorrow I'll at least be able to show some spinning progress or some work on the sweater back.

Knit on...

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