Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Massive Post

Ok, so this is going to be a massive post. I had a great time this weekend at The Fiber Event at Greencastle, Indiana. Jane and I left after work on Friday and got caught in some massive traffic events on the way past Louisville. We did eventually make it to the Red Roof where she had made reservations and we sacked out, getting ready for the day's events the next day.

The first place we walked into at the event was one of three vendor halls.Yeah, this place was massive. The colors and people were just fascinating. Now, I've never been to a fiber event this large, and I know it doesn't compare to Maryland or anything like that, but for me, this was huge. Here's a few pictures of some of the colors:I was fascinated by all the colors. There were also lots of natural colors:There were animals:There was shopping too. Here's what I came home with from the event:
Gray Shetland/Angora blend roving. There was black too, but it has now been all spun up and I'm working on this now. I'll be plying them together.Midnight Tulip Alpaca/Angora/Romney blend. Love this stuff!6oz. Alpaca batt. Super soft.1oz. French Angora. I took an angora spinning class, so felt a need to obtain a little more to practice on.Silk Hankies. These are perfect for travel spinning and they lay flat, so no worries when they're in a suitcase.And a new spindle. There's actually two new spindles, but they look the exact same, only different sizes. Now I can take some spinning with me whenever I get to go over to Korea.

Well, that post took me over 45 minutes to write and load, so I better just end it there. I'll put a link to all the pictures I took from the weekend on the sidebar under the Vacation Photos link.

Knit on...


robyn said...

Looks like you have some spinning to do!! I am so jealous of your weekend adventure.

Renee said...

So much fun! I hope I can go next time!