Monday, April 28, 2008

A Weekend of Pretty Days and Not Much Knitting

This weekend, the weather was entirely too pretty. It was so nice in fact, that after seven years of having no desire to throw a softball again, I actually picked up a ball and my glove and made a fool of myself by trying to pitch at one of the local softball fields. I sucked arse, but I was at least entertaining to watch if anyone was even paying attention. I did take great solace in that by the end of my hour of throwing the ball against the fence, I was already throwing more accurately than the 16 and under division pitchers on the field next to me who were playing in a league. Take that, kids... :oP

I also did some spinning this weekend for Jessi, but forgot to take a picture of what I've spun up so far. She picked up some superwash merino off Etsy and asked if I'd be willing to spin up some sock yarn for her. I'll never turn down the chance to play with more roving and try something new, so I started spinning it up yesterday. I got through about a third of a bobbin yesterday and I'm hoping to do a little more today as well.

I did actually work a tiny little bit on the sweater, but since I spent so much time outside on Saturday and then was sore as hell yesterday, I didn't get much done. Here's what I have so far:Sorry for the super dark picture. I took it at 6:30 this morning while grumbling that it was entirely too early to be going to work again.

Also, to answer a few comment questions...

The bunny slippers came from ThinkGeek. It's a catalogue of all kinds of fun, geeky things and very much worth checking out.

As far as the kindle goes, I have been reading:

Reffein's Choice-free fantasy book from Tor and quite good I might add.
Brave New World-I read this book at least once a year anyways!
Darkness and Light-A rather steamy romance novel my great-grandmother accidentally purchased.

There's a lot of other stuff on my kindle right now, but I finished Darkness and Light, am 3/4 of the way done with Choice and on the second chapter of Brave New World. I'll try to start keeping a running tab of what all I'm reading and what not. Also, I hope to have a full-fledged kindle review tomorrow with all my likes and dislikes about the device.

Knit on...

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