Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A New Day, and Time for Some Stalking

OK, so I woke up this morning and I feel like my normal self again. It's just been very weird to find myself so tired, depressed, and just not feeling like my head is quite there. It's nice to wake up this morning and feel like my brain is actually inside my skull again and not be crying about it :oP Anyways, I worked on the Kiri shawl last night and finished the edging rows. I didn't have time to bind off, but that will be happening today at lunch time SnB with Kim. Tonight I'll block the shawl and Kaye had a good idea about putting beads on the end of the edging to weight the shawl and to just add decoration, especially since she's on a bead kick right now. Considering the yarn was hers before the swap, I think I'll take the bead advice!

I didn't take a picture of the shawl since it looks like the same blob of pre-blocked lace that it did yesterday, only with one more little color added. So, I'll get pictures tonight while it's being blocked. I might even make myself work on Donegal again tonight since I've been meaning to work on it some more anyways. Wendy is working on another Starmore pattern that has the same kind of ribbing, and it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who thinks that the corrugated ribbing sucks arse.

This weekend though, I will be stalking a Harlot. I went on Sunday over to JoBeth and picked up this:Yep, it's the latest book. I've got all her other ones, but only Knit's End is signed since I sent that with Jane a couple of years ago, even though I did end up seeing her then. (Scroll down, I'm about half way down the post)

So the SnB is going to be at the Saturday event. I'm not sure what all the plans are yet, but I think there will be some stalking. It's only appropriate after all. And hey, I'm finally in town with nothing else planned, when Stephanie Pearl-McPhee decides to come to Kentucky. Year one, I had to get to the airport to pick up Grandma and last year I was at a photography competition with DF and his mom. This year, I'm going to actually hear her talk. And I'll try not to scare her with a giant camera lens like I did a couple of years ago.

Knit on...

ETA: I totally forgot to mention that I tried to go see Chelsea Clinton yesterday on campus. She was giving a talk over at the Student Center at 1, so Kathy and I headed over there and this was all we saw:She was in that room that everyone was staring at. Yeah, we didn't get in, so we headed back to work. Maybe next time...

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