Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Spring is in the Air

You can definitely tell that we hit that random day when it suddenly feels like Spring. The robins are back, the rain has been, well, raining, and the flowers and trees are blooming like crazy. That, and the weather finally turned into non-frigid temperatures and has led to two beautiful days and today is supposed to be yet another nice day. It'll rain tomorrow. Anyways, one tradition I have every Spring, just about as soon as the weather and ground permits, I go and till up the ground in my little corner garden and plant some stuff. Now, I don't have much money right now since I've been sinking all of it to that last credit card (Friday next week, be prepared, there will be celebrating), but last night I went to Home Depot and picked up 26 bucks worth of flowers to plant out there. Here is the fruits of my labor:It doesn't look like much right now because it never really does until a few months later when all the little flowers take root and then go crazy courtesy of our earthworm friendly soil. I planted 6 mums on the border, 16 petunias, and three random flowers that kinda looked like snapdragons, but weren't, on the other side. Here's another view:I still need a few more flowers, but they'll have to wait until next paycheck. In the meantime, the ones I just planted can go to town and start budding out. I also knit last night:I'm just chugging along on this shirt. I like the diamond motif. I'll definitely need to go out and get a silk camisole or something to wear underneath so that I don't show people a little too much of me, but I'm really enjoying the pattern. It's Marissa from Hot Knits. Hopefully I'll work on it some more tonight and be done with two full diamond repeats. I also think the shirt is going to be too big, but I'd much rather that it be too big as of this point than two small. I can always wear it a little baggy.

Knit on...


Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Nice blog. I found you thru the Google blog search under knitting. Love that diamond motif. It looks difficult! Good luck. Nancy

Anonymous said...

It would lovely when they're all full grown.

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