Monday, April 21, 2008

Spinning Lessons and Knitting

So this weekend I went over to Kathy's and gave her a spinning lesson on the wheel since she had never spun on a wheel before. I think she now understands why I wouldn't let her use the wheel until she was starting to get the hang of a spindle. She started to get the hang of the wheel towards the end of the lesson, so she was getting it at least. I did some spinning this weekend too and finished this:375 yards of sport weight shetland/angora blend. It came out really soft after it was washed. I think this will become a pair of mittens for sure, maybe more depending on how much is left over. I also worked on the back of the sweater. It's almost to the armhole decreases. I'm hoping to be close to being done with it tonight so that I can get the sleeves done this week and have a new shirt by the weekend.Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Knit on...

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Pretty squishy goodness!!!