Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Can Haz Kindle? And Reason #5,987 that Mom is Cool

Yes, I can. My Kindle came yesterday and it was ready to be played with as soon as it was taken out of the box. I played a little with it last night and wirelessly downloaded a book and about 100 sample chapters to the device. I love the screen and it was really nice when I finally laid down to go to bed. Fit perfectly in one hand and controlling the buttons wasn't bad. I'm not thrilled with the case it came with, but that's not a big deal.

Anyways, Mom sent me a present in the mail yesterday too. I got home and saw the Amazon box I was expecting, but then there was also this huge box. It contained these:Aww, little fluffy bunny slippers! Oh, wait, these aren't the friendly kind:Yep, Monty Python Killer Rabbit slippers. And behold my purple nightgown in all its glory! :oP

I went to SnB last night and got some armhole decreases done on the sweater back. I should be done with the back of it tonight so I can work on the sleeves the next few days. I still want to be done with the sweater by this weekend, but the new Kindle may put a damper on this. We'll see!

Knit on...


Allison said...

Those are the best slippers EVER.

nipper said...

Bunny slippers.

Did you make those??? How inspired!!