Friday, April 18, 2008


Yeah, that's right. We had an earthquake...well, Illinois had an earthquake, but courtesy of our nice lime formations and stuff, you could feel it here apparently. Louisville actually got some damage. I personally did not feel anything, but I did wake up at the time it was supposedly happening here in Lexington. It was a 5.4, so not too shabby, but not enough to do any major damage. Since I work as a geotech, here's our seismic line from Lexington where we recorded the quake:Gee, where's the earthquake on the seismic line? :oP

I also knit last night, so here's a really crappy picture of the back of the Marissa sweater:I really need to take better pictures of my knitting! Anyways, I'm probably going to go watch the ponies run this afternoon since it's supposed to be such a nice day and everything. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Knit on...

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