Wednesday, September 06, 2006


So yesterday was just one of those crappy days. Wine and cheese right before bed made it a little bit better, but not by much. The highlight of my day, aside from seeing DBF last night, was going to the new LYS, within walking distance of where I work. God help me.

Rebelle, owned by Robyn and Sarah, is a yarn shop with a twist. They have vegan yarns, all natural yarns, sock yarns, herbs, recycled products, and natural feminine care. It's really quite nice. Kim, Emily, and I walked over there at lunch and Kim bought some bamboo yarn and I picked up a pound and a half of raw alpaca yarn. This stuff is like a furry animal. I sat it on my desk and just petted it during the day. I decided what pattern I want this yarn to turn into. It's from inspired Cable Knits and it's the sweater with the icord ties on it. It must be made into this sweater. I will start swatching for it once I get a couple of Christmas presents done.

I played poker last night and sucked. Sucked arse is more like it. I was out quick in the main tourney and out quick at the side table. That's how it goes sometimes I guess. Went home and knit a little bit on DBF's sweater, the gecko scarf, and fondled the alpaca some more before going to bed.

Guess I better get to work. I have my first test of the semester today too. Blah.

Knit on...

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