Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Short Row Heels

I now am very fond of them. I turned the heel of DBF's sock and it's much better than the heel flap methods. No holes, very smooth, they're just a much better heel in my opinion. Here's a blurry picture to show the progress I made last night:

I definitely will be making the rest of my socks like this. I'm using the no wrap method that is described here. You'll need Acrobat Reader to open it since it's a PDF file. It's an easy method and since I generally drop the wraps on accident if I try to wrap and turn, it works out much better for me.

I played poker last night at the bowling alley and I sucked. On the bright side, I got to turn the heel of this sock. I did win a side table at least, so that wasn't too bad. This is what pisses me off though...DBF has worked all season long at this poker league so that he can be points leader going in to the final table to try to win the trip to Vegas. So, he's got a nice lead on just about everybody as of this point and he earned it by winning lots of tournaments. So the league organizer has decided that she is going to put a double bounty on him that is progressive which means that whoever takes him out of the tournament gets at least 100 points, but it can go up way higher than that if he's doing well. So last night he finishes 3 in the first tourney and a guy gets a bounty for 700 points. Same thing in the second tourney, only he finishes 2. So 1400 points were given out on one night for his bounty when it would have taken him 5 first place finishes to rack up those kinds of points. I don't think that's fair, and that's not just because I love him either. If you build up a huge lead, then you've earned it. He wasn't always the points leader, he just worked hard to get there. I'm waaaaaay down at the bottom of the league and I don't think it's right. OK, I'll stop ranting now.

Poker...Knitting...where's the Magic content you ask? We're going to the Time Spiral pre-release here on Saturday. I might build a new deck tonight if I have time even.

Knit on...

PS: Sock Wars starts in 2 days...

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