Wednesday, September 13, 2006

You know you are tempting fate when...

You finish grafting the toe on your second sock and this is all the yarn that remains. Yes, I almost ran out of yarn. You all would have heard a blood-curdling scream if I had run out of yarn that close to being done with the damn sock. So, my mom now has a pair of socks and hopefully they fit. They looks small to me, but then again, I have a size 10.5 foot and she has a size 7.5, so of course the socks look small to me.

I had said that I wouldn't be casting on another sock with sock wars coming up in the next week or so, but I lied. I need something to travel to work with and to knit on while playing poker. Even the gecko scarf is too big to take to poker I think. Plus it involves counting rows and I need something mindless to do when trying to kick peoples' arses. And to really seal the deal, I found out I'll need size 5 needles (which means size 4 for me since I knit loose on DPN's) so my size 1s are going to be open again.

So, the next pair of socks is being made out of knit picks simple stripes in the Stormy colorway. I like the grays and blues in this, so we'll see how the striping works. While I did like that socka yarn I have been using for the past 2 pairs, I was really in need of a change. I'll be fascinated by self-striping yarn for a little while now. Then I'll go on to Dancing from Knit Picks. Yep, I bought too much yarn from them last month. Here's the newly cast on sock...

I want a better digital camera...but you get the idea!

I also noticed a glaring lack of papers on my desk this morning. This means that the bosses are really waiting until the last minute to get their stuff to me today. I have class this morning, so hopefully they remember that. I missed lab on Monday, so I definitely can't miss today without absolute hell from my thesis advisor since she is teaching the class! Guess I should go finish up these nametags for tomorrow.

Knit on...And prepare for sock wars!

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Zabet said...

That is what you call Xtreme Knitting! (having mere inches left over)

The Harlot said so!