Monday, September 11, 2006

What Happened?

Where did the weekend go? Why did it run away so fast this time? Where did the rocks on my desk come from? Oh yeah, the last came from the field trip on Friday.

So we went down 1000 feet underground into this limestone mine. It was freaking huge. 60 foot ceilings in places, 50 foot wide passages. Miles of tunnel. It was huge. And it smelled, but it was huge. I took some film shots of it, so once I get those developed, I'll post them if they actually turned out decently.

Saturday DBF and I played in a 25 dollar poker tourney. Now I don't mind losing, I just really mind losing to bad players. There was this one guy who really was pissing me off. He put DBF out and I lost a bunch of my chips because of him, so inadvertantly, he put me out too. He called my 2000 dollar pre-flop bet with A3. He knows I don't raise unless I have something good and he calls with A3? He wins with a freaking pair of 3s. I had AQ suited on that hand. He puts DBF out, who raised again 2000 pre-flop, 3 times the big blind, with 4 5 off suit. Who calls huge raises with 4 5 off suit? OK, end rant. We lost and didn't get any money back obviously.

Sunday, we went to see Little Miss Sunshine. Go see this movie. It has some rediculously funny scenes, especially with the grandpa. After that, we hit the bookstore where I found:

Yep, new Dragonlance book. I bought it of course. It was autographed by both of them too, which was cool. Read the first chapter last night too.

Knitting? You want a post about knitting? I worked on the sock and it's almost done. Almost done with another pair. DBF's sweater is coming along too. No pictures though. I was a lazy ass yesterday. Guess I better get to it though this morning.

Knit on...

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