Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mending, mending, mending, and a sock

So I had a bunch of my sock of doom yarn left over after finishing the pair. I couldn't decide whether or not to make it into a pair of voodoo wrist warmers for someone for Christmas or start making slipper socks for people for Christmas. The slipper socks won out, so I'm working on a pair now for someone. Haven't decided who. Might be for mom since they look like something she would wear.

I also have been mending a sweater. A guy at work had given me a sweater several months ago to mend after the moths got into it and chewed lots of little holes in it. It's amazing what a crochet hook can do for sweaters like that. So he came in yesterday with another sweater. First off, moth balls are a wonderful invention. Secondly, please store woolen items in a plastic air-tight tote. Oh well. I mended it last night. At least I get a little money for doing that.

I have a chiropractor visit today. Last time I went, my back had been doing better, but after the adjustment, the pain came right back and made for a rather miserable weekend. My back is feeling fine again today, so we'll see how this goes. I also need to go work out at Curves. According to my scale at home, I lost another pound and a half. Now, Erica, don't go absorbing that! Make someone else do it!

I have a presentation for class I have to work on. For anyone who is interested, here's what I've been looking at:

Fossilized algae in coal. It's called alginite. It's really tiny, but looks almost like modern day algae under blue light. You have been educated today :oP I took this picture yesterday afternoon using the camera attached to the microscope in the lab.

Knit on...

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ericah64 said...

Geeee, thanks! ;->

Wednesday must be "Chiropractor Day". Had my first adjustment today. Got another one coming on Monday.