Friday, September 01, 2006

New WIPS, Old WIPS, and a Purse

I started working on a new felted bag last night. My aunt seems to really like my felted crocheted messenger bag and she wants to give a few away as gifts. Obviously fine by me since she's paying me to make them. I'll have about 10 bucks worth of yarn in each one and she's paying me 25 for each bag, so not too bad. Just means I can make a little money. Spending cash is always good right now. Better get to crocheting these suckers. Here's the base with all stitches picked up on the sides, getting ready to crochet in the round: Here's the sock for my mom. It's six inches long now, so just one more inch and I can decrease for the toe. Assuming I don't work on the bag at lunch, the sock should be done by then.

It's blurry, I know. Gotta love my crappy little digital camera. It's what I get for only paying 39 bucks for it.

While I wasn't able to knit, Kathy made me a copy of her purse that I liked so much. I thought that was just so thoughtful of her. It's lined and everything. She had surgery on Wednesday, so sending her good healing vibes right now. Hopefully she's enjoying knitting and playing with the dogs right now at her home. Lucky...I'm the only one at work today I think. Everyone else took off to make it a 4 day weekend. Not me, I had to take Tuesday off, so I don't get to take today off :o( Oh well. Get better soon, Kathy!

I love the cross-stitched flowers on the purse. It's very pretty.

I guess I should actually get some work done, even if I am the only one here today...

Knit on and have a great Labor Day weekend for all the readers in the USA.

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