Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Meeting is Over and I Took a Day Off

Yep, it's a post on Saturday...I know! That never happens. I would post some pictures of the new sock, but I'm working with dial up and I don't want to be on here for a super long time, seeing as I also have a rabbit running hyper through the house. Anyways...the meeting went well on Thursday. It's over and I felt relieved that it was done. It went smoothly and I got a lot of comments about how it went, so that was good. So, to celebrate it being over, I took the day off from work yesterday. That was nice.

My back is still killing me. It seems to be doing slightly better this morning now, but not feeling 100% better. Went to the chiropractor yesterday for 2 of 4 adjustments. I have to go back on Monday as well.

I'm also starting the Curves 6 week solution on Monday. I won free entry into the class, so I thought I would give it a shot. Definitely worth trying as of this point.

Still working on the sock, DBF's sweater, and beginning a new secret project for him for Christmas. It'll be hard to keep it a secret, but I know he'll love it.

Gotta get ready to head out of here and get to the yarn store at 10. I'm going to get the rest of the yarn for the new project. That and I have to finish charting out the rest of the pattern. Yep, a Knitting Magic Girl original fair-isle pattern :oP God help us all!

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