Friday, September 22, 2006

Bring It!

Bring it on, Sock Wars. Today is supposed to be the day that the competition starts. I am waiting to receive the pattern in my email and cast on the sock, so come on Yarn Monkey...I be needin' to start this! (pirate talk, my SNB is all about it right now!). I have my arsenal down and ready to start:
Computer, Sock Yarn, Needles, and Caffeine. I'm ready. A closer look at the yarn:

Hand-dyed super wash merino made by Robyn. She's selling this colorway at ReBelle too and I love it. I have enough to make the International Sock of Doom as well as a pair for myself if I really like the pattern. I just loved the dark blue and blacks in it. I decided on this yarn because I figure it could really go unisex in case I have to knit a sock for a guy since I know quite a few are participating.

As for the current sock:

It is still blurry, but it now has a heel and is starting to have a foot. I worked on it last night during camera club. Good thing too, because I learned nothing from the speaker except the collectibility of certain books. Oh well. I did win a first and a second in intermediate color slides for my pictures though. DBF got an honorable mention in advanced slides. He had some tough competition this time. The category is Sports/Action, so it was hard to shoot pictures for it anyways. I used some of a horse race at Keeneland.

Come on pattern...I need to start this. I hope to have my first pair done by Monday so I can ship them out. :oP That means I'll have to knit tonight, tomorrow at the Magic tournament (hell, I knit at poker, so it hopefully won't be much worse), in church on Sunday, and until the sucker is done :oP

Knit on...

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