Thursday, September 07, 2006

Moving In, Moving Out

I have to vacate my house for a night tonight. The owners are coming back for two days of doctor appts for the kids, so I'll be staying with family for a night. I originally thought that it was for the whole weekend, but it's just for a night, so that won't be bad. Spooky won't have to leave the house and can just stay put, so that will be good too. Tomorrow I'm going on a field trip to a limestone quarry about an hour from here. We'll see how terribly exciting this is. I'm required to go...

In knitting news, I've been plugging away at stuff. I have decided not to take any more pictures of DBF's sweater until it's done and on him. The damn thing just doesn't like to be photographed. The front panel is now almost 20 inches long, so it's getting there now. I also worked some on the gecko:
And I am almost to the heel of the ankle sock:

I need some good sunshine to get some better pictures of things. My digital camera just sucks at inside shots. Oh well, you get the idea. Today I am going to the core barn to see if I have picked formation tops right. I've been looking at electronic logs to see what rocks are under the surface. We finally got a core from the area, so time to go see if I'm right or if I'm horribly wrong. I'm leaning towards horribly wrong :oP

And tonight is poker. I'm wearing a cool hat that DBF got me. He has one too and it looks better on him than it does me, but it does look cute on me :oP

Knit on...

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