Friday, September 29, 2006

The pain, the agony, the...chocolate?

When I went to collect my mail on Wednesday, I saw it. There the package was, all nice and priority-mail-itized. It sat there, screaming at me to not open it. Don't reveal the horrors that lay inside. But alas, I smelled chocolate and I had to open it. Inside was all this:

Contents: International Socks of Doom, Kisses Dark Chocolate, Ghiradelli dark chocolate, teas, crafty girl mints, and drink-to-go packets. Thanks Squirrel Girl!

I of course had to try on the socks:

They fit my giant US size 10.5 foot perfectly. They'll make nice slipper socks. But I cannot let International Socks of Doom into the house without the rabbit's approval:

She chewed on them which means she approved. Now she's telling me to go update her blog since I've been a lazy human with that.

I missed my SNB yesterday at work. I ended up eating bad tuna (stupid fish!) and was sick yesterday. On the bright side, I got two Magic decks built (I was lazy and net-decked), and another symbol done on DBF's secret project which he may or may not have seen last night. If he did, he can just pretend that he doesn't know what it is :oP

Knit on...

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ericah64 said...

Funny, I don't SEE any Kisses in that picture... ;->

Oh, and you didn't jinx me re: weight this week. I weighed in a day early (I want to sleep in for once on a Saturday!), and I'd lost 2/3 of what I put on last week with my maniacal eating.