Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Sign of the Times

So I went to Barnes and Noble last night with a friend and when I go to look at knitting magazines, I notice a glaring lack of them. There are 10 different beading magazines, two crochet, and three knitting. I already had the Interweave Knits issue, so I picked up Simply Knitting (one of my personal favorites) and Knit1 (which every now and then has a good pattern. I like the cables in this one). Where was Vogue Knitting, Knitting, Knit 'N Style? Where were the mass amounts of knitting magazines they used to carry?!

I decided to pop my head in the knitting book section. Same thing, glaring lack of stuff. The section has been slashed. What happened? Where are the crochet books even? I thought crochet was the next big thing! :oP

So I think knitting is losing it's popularity with those who just pick up on a fad and then change the next season. This is good and bad. Good, because we may now get some more classic designs in books unlike some that have been produced where everything is made of fun fur (shiver). We'll see.

I finished the heel on DBF's sock, so it's ready for the foot now. The short row heel is much shorter than the heel flap heel, but I think that just may be because I always make the heel flap too long. Oh well. As long as it fits!

Knit on...

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