Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Cuteness Continued...and a diet

OK, so for the follow up pictures of Spooky from yesterday:

Spooky in full flop/relaxed position. She's funny when she starts doing stuff like this. Then she goes and does even cuter stuff like this:

She loved these socks. I need to wear them more often I suppose. Cute bunny with devil red-eye.

I cried off and on all day yesterday over Holly. It'll be weird going home for Christmas and not seeing her again. She was a good cat. I started thinking of silly things she did over her 20 year life and they cracked me up. The first Thanksgiving we got her, she jumped right into the turkey platter and started eating the cut up turkey. Only time I've ever heard mom use that word before...She also ate potato chips and nacho cheese whenever she had the opportunity. She rode the dog around the house like a horse. She thought she was a dog until the dog died. She was named Holly because she was my Christmas present for my fourth year rotating around the sun. Lots of good memories. I'm glad I got her on tape the year before on Christmas day. I couldn't find any digital pictures of her, but lots of prints. If I get ambitious enough, I'll scan one in.

I also started a diet yesterday. I won entry in to Curves Six Week Solution at my local Curves, so thought I would give it a shot. We'll see how it goes. I really want to try hard and make this work. Where have you heard that before? I've got my little meals all planned out for today and I need to go shopping tonight. Krogers has Healthy Choice dinners 10/10 bucks. Good deal.

Guess I should get something done here at work. I get to turn the heel of DBF's socks today. I'm going to try a short row heel this time instead of a heel flap. We'll see how it goes.

Knit on...

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