Monday, September 18, 2006

Attack of Cuteness!

OK, before I get to the attack by the bunnies of cuteness, I will actually give you a picture of the current sock. I also finished the first panel for DBF's sweater and will cast on the other panel tonight when I get home so that I can start working on that sucker. Anyways, here's an actual knitting picture:

Knit in knitpicks Simple Stripes in the discontinued Stormy Skies colorway. I really like this yarn too, so I'm sad it's all gone now. This is for DBF. Now, to the bunnies.

The weekend started off like this:

Spooky decided she would rather be on top of her cage instead of in it. Well, she is ambitious...
On the way back from seeing The Black Dahlia (overrated movie in MHO), we had a Radar sighting. Radar is the neighborhood pet. He's a lop-eared bunny who is fed and taken care of by the neighborhood kids. He was someone's pet before, i'm sure. He's normally quite skittish, but yesterday...
I actually got to pet him! The reason he's named Radar is because that one ear shoots up when he's listening for something. Well, Spooky would not be out-done on the cute factor yesterday.

She flopped down by my feet and a towel (the reason the rabbit has a towel in the front room is because she decided to jump into the toilet on Saturday night. Where is the video camera when you need it?!). Not relaxed enough, she decided to fully flop... I would show you, but blogger now thinks I have enough pictures in this post. I'll try to remember to post the rest tomorrow.

Knit on...

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