Thursday, January 25, 2007


Franklin's talking inanimate objects are now taking over my house. I walked in the door from work yesterday afternoon and I was tripped by my spinning wheel and the roving.

"Ahem," they said in unison.

"Great, I hit my head harder than I thought."

"You have neglected us for too long now and we must protest," the Ashford said in an English accent (I never knew Ashfords had an accent until then...)

"Yeah, bitch, spin me already! I'm getting tired of your damn rabbit trying to burrow in me," the lava-colored roving screamed out.

"But I'm trying to finish all my unfinished objects that are on the needles right now. I'll spin some once I get those done."

The Ashford squeaked from its lack of oil. "That is not acceptable. Wednesdays are for spinning you once exclaimed. Get your red-head over here and finish up this bobbin so that you can make yarn. We're not asking you to spin much, just once a week. You should not neglect us anymore..."

I shrugged and put down my stuff and walked over to the Ashford. I picked up the roving and made this:

"Much better," the Ashford said in a relived and satisfied tone. "You know, it's like sex for me when you spin up nice yarns."

"Great," I thought. "Now I have an image of roving and spinning wheel getting it on. Whatever. Hey, look, Spooky wants to check out the yarn..."

"Get that beast away from me!" screamed the roving.

"It's a bunny. It's a small bunny at that, get over it."

"Ok, so the rabbit likes yarn too..." I mused.

The yarn screamed bloody murder as Spooky picked it up and flung it into the air. I grabbed up the skeins and put them on the chair where the bunny couldn't get to them.

"That thing is evil..." the yarn said rather out-of-breath.

"Yeah, but we all knew that already," I said as I picked up my knitting. "Oh, and don't trip me as I walk in the door again, OK?"

I worked some on DBF's poker scarf and got another pattern repeat done as I watched the UK v UG game. It was an exciting game, just wish it would have ended differently.

I'm hoping to be done with the front panel by tomorrow while I sit and wait for the new fridge to be delivered. I'll also work on it some more while playing poker tonight. I guess since I haven't been able to find the colors I want for the Magic symbols that I may just make a plain gray back for the scarf and make a separate Magic scarf when I find the right yarn. I am still working on trying to chart out the Magic symbols too. I'm thinking that the poker design would make for a very interesting panel for a sweater I was planning on making once I get all the rest of the WIPs and UFOs done and off the needles.

The lack of a sock to work on at poker is bothering me too. I like knitting the poker scarf while playing poker, but doing color changes while trying to figure out what cards you have can be difficult. Once I start on the gray back to it, that'll give me something easier to work on for poker.

knit on...

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Zabet said...

I'm sure you misheard, your Ashford must have had a New Zealand accent. It's a Kiwi, you know, born and raised. ;)

Loooooove the red yarn. LOVE. IT.