Thursday, January 18, 2007

The First FO of the Year

As Wendy says, alert the media! We have our first finished object of the year. May I present to you...Socks! They are a tad looser than I like right now, but I think after the first wash, they will go down a little bit. I'd rather have them be a little loose than too tight like the first pair I made myself. We'll see how they wash up. If they don't shrink at all, I'll go down to 68 stitches instead of 72 for the next pair and see how that works. 64 just made them entirely too tight.

Of course the main criteria for all my socks is if Spooky approves. Judging by the scratch that came after this picture was taken, I'm going to say that she approves:

I also really liked how the striping did match up. I really did not plan it so that the stripes would match, but it worked out anyways. Ain't life grand?

The last picture here is from a purse that was spotted in Starbucks last night when I went to SnB. The poor girl who had it probably thought we were all crazy, but the purse is made up of all needle-felted little yarn balls. She said she got it as a gift, so she didn't know how it was made, but we all quickly figured it out:

I'm thinking this would be an excellent project for all those little scraps of wool that we all have lying around. Just wrap them into a ball and felt away...I need to see what all colors I have lying around so that I know which project needs to be finished next :oP

We had a coffee tasting last night too. It was pretty fun since I have never tried a coffee tasting before. The whole process made me laugh since it reminded me of wine tastings (which I suck at...a sensitive palatte I do not have...). We tried a bold coffee, a medium coffee, the new gelato coffee and some almonds and shortbread. It was really amazing that the coffee changed flavors right after you ate something. It made the bold coffee much smoother if you ate a tiny piece of shortbread right after you took the first sip. Really cool. Of course, I'm also easily amused by such things.

Knit on...

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