Friday, January 05, 2007

My house is a mess and I don't give a damn

That was how I felt this morning. My house is a mess and I don't feel like cleaning it right now. Saturday is my usual cleaning day, so I'll pick it up then. Here's just a glimpse of what it looks like:The living room with the tree, exercise bike, and spinning wheel. Once the tree is down, there will be some more room, but DBF and I aren't in a hurry on the tree. We did get a bunch done last night. Finding the ornaments that go in all those little Halmark boxes can be challenging. Oh, funny story about the bike last night. I decided I wanted some ice cream as my dessert for the night, so I got some after I rode the bike. DBF wanted some too, but he ate his AS HE RODE THE BIKE :oP I guess the calories cancel each other out, but I was almost tempted enough to go get my camera and take a picture. I told him it would make for great blog material.

Here's my kitchen table in all its glorious messiness:

Do you see something important on there though? Look closely and you'll see...

Honest to goodness actual knitting content on this blog! Look, a sock! It's Lana Grosa sock yarn given to me by Peaches who was my target in Sock Wars. I should have knit this in the fall. Very fall-ish colors I think, but I'm loving this sock. I'm all about socks right now, but once this pair is done, it's on to the other WIPs that are still sitting there. Speaking of WIPs, here's my current list of things to finish before I start a new project this year:

1. This pair of socks

2. DBF's scarf

3. My gecko scarf

4. The purple people eater shawl (purple homespun diamond shawl)

5. Mason Dixon After Dark Nighty (remember this? Yeah, I had forgotten too!)

6. Chenille facecloth

7. DBF's socks that gauge screwed me over on that need to be frogged and started again

Seven projects to start off the year. I can get them all done fairly quickly (well, the nightgown still has a way to go), but I want to finish every WIP before I start working on anything new. I have spinning to do as well. I got five pounds of roving from my mom and dad for Christmas. It's from Copper Moose and it's gorgeous. It will be a sweater once it's all spun up and knit. Right now though, I'm just working on the Weight Watchers thing and knitting on my lunch break. Next week I'll get my butt back to Stitching and Bitching with the group and maybe that'll get my butt in gear to finish these things.

Oh, I started a bento blog to. It's and the link is on the sidebar. I won't fill up valuable knitting space with bento stuff anymore :oP

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Knit a bunch, and if you want, come clean my house for me...

Knit on...

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