Monday, January 29, 2007

A New Fridge Gets Me Excited

Um, yeah, you know you've had a bad week when the delivery of a new fridge to your house gets you terribly excited. Excited enough to put down the knitting and just stare in awe of the shiny white exterior, listen to the gentle hum of the cooling system that actually works, and pet the textured surface of the machine. Yeah, I was very happy on Friday to get a new fridge.

Once the fridge was all nicely set up and the old one was hauled away, I went to the store, bought too much frozen food, and came home and threw it all in the new machine. I made some good pasta fagioli on Friday to celebrate. It was cold too, so it was a good day to eat a hearty stew.

The other thing that got me excited was the dry blocking of DBF's poker scarf. I'm working on the plain gray alpaca back for it now and hope to be done with it by this weekend. I need to be done with it by then since Planar Chaos comes out and it might be a Magic weekend and not much knitting will be done.

I know this will sound dumb, but when I finished pinning the scarf down to just dry block it some so that it'll be easier to sew the back panel on it, I realized that this scarf made me more proud than any other knitting project I have done so far. Even the sweater I wore to meet Stephanie didn't make me this proud. I think it may be because this was A) my first color knitting attempt and B) completely charted, designed, and worked on by me. Once I get the whole thing knit up and sewn together and blocked, I will post the pattern for everyone. I need to put it in a downloadable format first too.

Knit on...


ericah64 said...

Oh, that is SO cool! Are you going to steam it with your iron?

I gotta get me a copy of that pattern once Hubby sees it!!

Knitting Magic Girl said...

Yeah, I'm going to steam both panels once I get done with the back (this would have been much better had I knit it in the round, but I originally didn't know what would be on the back). I'll make sure you get a pattern. It's pretty easy, just plain stockinette!

asterpurl said...


Awesome scarf! You are one snazzy knitter!