Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Miles of Stockinette

I worked on the back of DBF's scarf last night and during my lunch break yesterday. Stockinette....miles and miles of stockinette. With the front panel, I was always having to do something different by changing colors and working the pattern, but with the back, it's just going to be seven feet of plain stockinette.

It's about a foot and a half long right now. It's moving along fast, which is good. I might make it in time to finish it for the weekend. We'll see. I have some time at least.

I've also been comissioned to do a Bears scarf for someone at poker. I'm thinking one of those tube-making machines will be perfect for that. I also took home the model sweater that I am supposed to base the ankle-length 60s style sweater off of, so I'll be taking measurements on it tonight. She wants it to be black instead of that wonderful 60s pea green that dominated everything.

I didn't get any cleaning done last night. I was lazy and I had to ride my exercise bike and take a shower since I had no hot water yesterday morning (I hate that it comes and goes like that). There's my excuse. It's not much of one, but that's as good of one as I have.

Tonight is SnB, so I'll be heading out to that to work on the five and a half feet left to go on the back panel of the scarf. At least it's mindless knitting.

Knit on...

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