Thursday, January 04, 2007


I was supposed to take a picture of the sock last night, wasn't I? Well, I didn't, sorry. I was too occupied with cooking up a storm and exercising on the bike and then watching Talledega Nights with DBF and well, I didn't take a picture :oP

Tomorrow, I promise.

I cooked up the Best Brussels Sprouts recipe from and they really were good. I normally like my sprouts drowned in butter and salt, but this recipe called for sugar and vinegar instead. I didn't have any vegetable stock left, so I used water and added some thyme and sage instead. I also used rice vinegar because I like that flavor better than apple cider vinegar. Go try the recipe, it really lives up to its name.

I also made a bunch of onigiri for my lunches. I have a few cute molds that I got from the BentoTV shop site, so I used those and it really made for cute onigiri stuffed with salmon and cream cheese. I have four little shapes for lunch today, so I know lunch will be good. For those on WW, onigiri is very low point. The four pieces I have are only a point a piece, so it's a good finger food and very yummy and quite filling.

I'll have a picture of my lunchbox tomorrow too. I may have to join that laptop lunch group on flickr and put my pictures there else this blog will become a bento blog. Maybe I should just made a separate little blog for lunches so that the knitting and Magic content don't get crowded out :oP

We're all suffering because of the mold around the office right now. I know it must be what's making me tired. I like my job and I look forward to working (as much as one can look forward to working), but as soon as I get here, my head stops up and my body gets really tired. I'll just keep complaining with the rest of the office until something gets done. That's the problem when you're basically renting a building at a major unviversity. The school has to get off their butts first to fix the problem.

Actual knitting content tomorrow, I swear.

Knit on...

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