Monday, January 22, 2007

Planar Chaos

Ok, so DBF and I went to the Planar Chaos pre-release on Saturday. They had events on Sunday, but we were both tired and, oh yeah, it was rather icy out. We had a mild ice "storm" that just made some pretty icicles on things, but no power outages or anything crazy like that happened. DBF ended up doing really well at the tournament. He finished 31 out of 311 players. I however didn't do so well. I probably should have continued playing, but I knew I wasn't going to get into the prize money (Had to be top 32 and I wouldn't have had as many points as DBF since he had 2 draws and only 1 loss...more on that later), so I dropped from the tournament at 2-2-1.

DBF's only match loss came from a stupid technicality. He was in line getting Rob Alexander (yes, Dual Lands Rob Alexander himself) to sign some cards and knew he had to be at his match within 5 minutes before he would get a game loss. He sits down for his match with 4 minutes gone, so he figures that he's fine and made it. The judge said he had to be there within 3 minutes...not 5. Turns out that the head judge for the tournament just randomly decided that he would make it 3 minutes instead of 5 even though DCI rules state that it is 5 for this level of a tournament. DBF crushed the guy in game "two", but lost in game "three" even though it was really close. So that sucked arse. At least he got in the prize money, but with an extra win in the column, he may have entered the top 16 and got 1/2 a box instead of a 1/4 box. Oh well, that's how it goes sometimes.

So what I'm trying to get at here is that, oh yeah, I didn't knit one stitch this weekend. Not even on the trip up to Louisville for the tournament did I knit. It was too damn cold and my hands were revolting at that idea. So, here's a picture of the horribly curled up scarf so far. I'll be knitting on it tonight though since Kim is coming over for dinner and some stitching and bitching.

It's about 3 feet long now and once I get through this last pattern repeat, I'll switch it and go back in reverse for the second half so that either way he wears it, the pattern will face the right way. I'm quite pleased with the way the symbols are looking right now.

I suppose I should get to

Knit on...

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robyn said...

Your scarf is amazing!!