Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Resolutions in Full Engagement

Yep, so last night I went back with my friend Rebecca and re-joined Weight Watchers. I was at 234.4! Ack! Oh well, there's my starting point at least. I don't know why, but we got to talking last night and we both feel differently about the plan this time. It's like we're finally resolved to do something about this weight problem. It feels like it did the very first time I did the program and lost my 50 pounds. This time though, I'll need to actually focus on the maintenance once I get down to my weight goal.
I used the exercise bike again last night, but only for 20 minutes. I was going to try to work out for 30 minutes each day, but the past two nights, I've only been able to do 20 before being out of breath and tired. I'll work my way up to 30 I suppose.
I'm still working on the same sock. I'll take a picture of it tonight and post it tomorrow. I'm being lazy now that I don't have any knitting deadlines coming up. It's kind of nice to do some relaxing knitting. I do need to start working on DBF's scarf again though. It'll all get done eventually, right?
How's everyone else's resolutions coming?
Knit on...

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