Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New Shoes and a Knee Brace

So, before I get to the title of this post, let me give you the weekend in pictures. Friday we saw the Lippezaner Stallions perform.

They were interesting to watch. I'm glad we got free tickets to see them too. I wish they would have done more of the Airs moves where the horses jumped. The horses seemed to enjoy performing too. One of them was all too anxious to do his steps and he kept getting out of rhythm. Sunday, we went to see The Music Man.
The guy in the center is DBF's cousin. It was a pretty good production I think. After the play, we visited with his cousins and got to see one of DBF's dog Claire's full-grown puppies. The dog was huge, but he was just as friendly as can be!

The dog's name is Marley and he's a mix between a Bouvier and a black lab. DBF's dog was a Bouvier. Huge dog! It made me want a puppy...I'm sure Spooky would love that...

So yesterday I went running to try out my new shoes and this patella knee strap thing to see how they felt. I only ran a mile since I knew I would be doing a big run tonight with Rebecca. The new shoes felt really good on and the knee strap did seem to help with the pounding on the knees. I woke up today and feel fairly loose and my knees aren't screaming at me, so that's a start anyways. I also finished the pair of Lavender Storm socks last night while playing poker. I didn't get a picture of them completed until this morning, so for now, here's a 3/4 done pair of socks.

I'll have pictures of the finished pair with Spooky's approval tomorrow. I may even have a picture of the next sock on the needles. It's with Paton's Sockota 45% cotton, 40% wool, 15% polyester or nylon yarn in a spring blues and greens colorway.

Knit on...

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