Friday, July 14, 2006

Almost done...

I'm almost done with the Baby Kimono from Mason Dixon Knitting. Just have to decrease the last sleeve and knit until it's long enough then seam her up. Looking at the ribbon on the kimono, I'm with Erica that ribbon shreds to easy when babies are involved, so I'm copying her and making a crocheted tie for the kimono. I also couldn't get to sleep last night, so I wound the yarn that I spun myself into a ball and began making a nice woolen scarf. It feels so soft. I haven't spun anymore of the wool since this first 100 gram batch, so I need to work some more on it. A sweater would be so nice and warm and soft out of thise stuff! It's super fuzzy too.

DBF won another poker tournament last night. He's getting all kinds of prizes for winning these things too! I wish I could do better. I'm lucky if I hit final table. I guess I need to play more conservative over there.

I ordered a ball winder off ebay and I'm hoping that it will get here today. I need to wind up all that Euroflax so that I can get the nightgown on the needles. I'd like to finish that sucker before it turns cold again.

People who won prizes in my diabetes awareness contest, you're stuff is being mailed out today. Sorry for the delay. I've just been slow about this. You should get the stuff in a few days.

Better get to it.

Knit on...

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ericah64 said...

Cool. The package will be here @ my MIL's when I get back from La Bella Italia. I can treat her to something nice to help her relax after watching the Things for two weeks!

Make sure you post pictures of the kimono.