Friday, July 07, 2006

Blissful Weather

When you have a day like we had yesterday, all you can think about is how good it feels to get outside. Until that is, you get outside and start doing stuff and realize you're out of shape :oP

DBF and I went to play disc golf yesterday after I got off work. It's been a while since we've played since I had family in and we went on vacation. I didn't do too horrible and neither did he. I sank a put from a pretty good distance, so I was happy with that. We got some tips that did us no good from some other golfers on the course. It's hard to try out new things when you have trees in the way. Oh well.

After that, we went to play poker. Not sure how DBF did, but I sucked. I left pretty early and grabbed some food at home since I was pretty hungry after exercise and poker.

I have been on a knitting hiatus. It's been almost a week now since I've even knit a stitch. I've thought about it, I just haven't actually done anything. Am I reaching a burnout point? Nah, I've just been lazy and have had too much to do. I'll try to knit some this weekend maybe. I need to finish that baby kimono anyways.

I also found out that my cousin is having a little girl. Now I know what kind of stuff to make. I can't wait to make little outfits that are completed in a day, little hats and booties, and of course a girly dinosaur sweater of some sort :oP She can't have all pink, can she? Please for her sake, not pink everything! Give her some green, blue, red, and a whole spectrum of colors!

I'm a pretty boring person right now. Hopefully this weekend I'll accomplish some knitting that I can write about. In the meantime, I'm going to go live at Farmer's Market. I love fresh produce. And Georgia cantaloupes are wonderful this year! I have picked up 2 so far that have been shipped in from there and they are sooo sweet.

Anyways, better get something done here at work.

Knit on...

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