Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Why haven't you seen many knitters working on MDK After Dark Nightgown?

Because vine trellis lace with Euroflax causes you to have very violent thoughts. I got another 8 rows done on the thing last night. I did four before dinner and four after poker. I could have done another four, but after working with that flax for a length of time, I wanted something simple.

So I crocheted two inches of a baby blanket. Yep, my cousin is going to have a fully stocked baby room by the time I'm through. She'll have three kimonos...two cotton, one sari silk (that one is more or less a baby jacket rather than something to just throw on the kid)...a baby blanket...and a bunch of amigurumi animals.

Now the little girl to be also has a big brother. So I feel that he needs something as well, because I'm sure he'll want his own presents when his mommy opens up stuff for her baby shower and he's there. So I'm going to make little stuffed dinosaurs for him. They're cute and easy, and I have a ton of crappy acrylic yarn that just screams to be made into toys for children to obliterate.

As for poker last night, I once again sucked. I just don't seem to do well on Monday nights for some reason. I guess it's a good thing that the league is free. They do have good drinks though. I always end up getting Malibu coconut rum and diet coke for my drink. It tastes nice and sweet and is loaded with alcohol, what else is there to need?

I now have 3.5 inches done on the MDK After Dark nightgown in black Euroflax. I'm just wanting to get the rest of the lace done so I can go to straight stockinette. I'm surprised that I want to do whole rows of knit and purl, but it's what the yarn has done to me. Hell, I'd be happy working garter stitch right now...speaking of, I'm 1/2 way done with the second baby kimono in that purple lavendar color. I'm getting tired of blogger not letting me upload pictures. It seems like the days where I don't need to have pictures, it'll let me load just fine. But days where I actually want to show some WIPs, it freezes up on me. Figures. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is affected though. The people over at You Knit What? keep having problems too.

I guess that's all for today since I can't post pictures. You can always click on the link I have to the right for my flickr pictures. I try to keep that pretty up to date. I know it at least has the lavendar kimono and the MDK After dark nighty on there under WIPS.

Knit on...

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robyn said...

Since you have a flickr account with your WIPs you can just use the code flickr provides to post them on your blog instead of using the blogger picture hosting.