Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Field Trip?!?

Yes, Kim and I are planning a field trip. Today after work, we shall raid a new local yarn store called Magpie Yarns or Knits or something like that. All I know is that they carry Morehouse Farm Merino and that makes me smile contentedly.

Kim came up with the idea. She was supposed to go while I was gone on vacation and give a report back to the Wednesday SnB group at lunch. She wasn't able to go, so the field trip began to take hold in her mind. I got a call from Kim and she threw the idea out at me.

Have I ever turned down a trip to a yarn store when I was physically able to go?....

I have not bought any yarn for this month. I allow myself one purchase a month in requirement to my stashalong committment. Last month I had a 10 unit stash reduction, so I'll try not to blow the net loss this time. Now that I think back on all that I made last month, no wonder I'm having slight burnout. I worked on too much crap. Now I am just lazilly working on a lace stole that no one will be able to tell is lace (damn chenille), but I will know that it is there and hopefully with a ton of blocking, some people might be able to tell. If not, they might wonder why I have a few holes in my stole.

What I have discovered is that my needles are too small for this project. I should have accounted for the fluffy factor of chenille and then increased the needle size. But no, I was drunk when I cast this thing on I think. I'm not even sure when I cast it on...yep, must have been some alcohol involved there.

I will have the full report on the new LYS. Hopefully it's as good as K1P1, but I'm not getting my hopes up. It has to be better than Stitch Niche, so maybe this will be my new shop. I'm tired of online yarn shopping. I need to fondle me some yarn.

Knit on...

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